22 October 2020 | Belgium
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22 October 2020
Drone-Days 2.0 matchmaking event

B2B Meetings - How does it work?

A matchmaking event is a quick & easy way to meet potential cooperation partners or clients during face-2-face talks. 30 minutes run fast but usually are enough to build first connections. 

Through the matchmaking platform you have the opportunity to meet up to 12 potential partners on 1 day. Should the number of participants & meetings to schedule require it, organisers can set the meetings' duration to 20 minutes to give room to more meetings per participant.

Please READ the terms of participation on our website BEFORE registration


until 15/10/2020

  • Choose attendance modules based on your interest and thus creating your individual availability
  • At least 1 collaboration profile is MANDATORY before publication 


  • Create clear collaboration profiles where you describe the products and services that you offer or look for, with a clear link to drones and identify which kind of cooperation partner your looking for

PLEASE NOTE that your profile will be reviewed before it is validated and published on the platform. 

To validate profile, we request:

o the right participant type category (Companies, University, Cluster, etc) 

o at least 1 Marketplace entry
o a clear and complete Organization description

You can UPDATE your profile, attendance, account settings and add other Marketplace entries at ANY TIME.

We suggest you create meaningful and attractive Marketplace items and remember: your profile is the FIRST impression other participants will get of you!


  • All published (validated) profiles will be promoted by organisers and co-organisers. All event's participants will be able to view your profile and will browse the Marketplace.
  • High-quality profiles are visited about 50-150 times BEFORE the event and will still be viewed AFTER.


  • Be active not reactive. 
  • Browse published profiles, find out who is offering interesting solutions and on which topic(s) they want to collaborate and bookmark them to add them to your WISHLIST.

Adding a meaningful remark as to why you are interested in a contact will increase the chance that your request will be accepted.


Smart search options (filters on the left column of the Participants page) allow you to quickly identify the most suitable participants/ Marketplace profiles. In a few minutes you should be able to identify future potential partners.

  • Request meetings you are interested in as Host
  • Receive meeting invitations from other participants as Guest
  • You can add further meetings any time, but be aware that bookings are managed on the principle "first come - first served". 
Your personal meeting schedule (your Agenda)

• Check your Agenda and Meetings tab on your personal profile area after Login online
(including last minute variations)

• You will receive your meeting schedule (time & table number, participant to meet) the day before the event.



• Get ready at least 10 minutes before the start of your meeting.
• Be mindful of other participants' time and remember to show up for your meetings.

If you are NOT be able to attend a meeting due to unforeseen circumstances, please CONTACT the Organisers or your Support Office and they will inform your counterpart.

Our staff will be at your disposal during the matchmaking event



Organised by


Argentina 5
Belgium 15
Cyprus 1
Denmark 3
Estonia 1
France 3
Hungary 1
Italy 1
North Macedonia 1
Poland 2
Portugal 1
Spain 6
Switzerland 4
United Kingdom 2
Total 46


Drone Manufacturer 8
Drone Service Company 14
Company (Traditional sectors) 8
University / Research Centre 6
Association/Federation 1
Public Authority/Governmental organisation 2
Cluster 2
Investor / Finance / Business Angel 1
Other 4
Total 46

Profile views

Total 368